Access Pass Configuration

Plan: Free and above


One of Pima's major advantage is that it does not require your recipient to create an account.

When a recipient receives an Envelope, it contains a unique Access Pass embedded into the link which is only valid for a single click.

This feature is designed with Security in mind to prevents recipients from forwarding your documents to a different email account.

Some companies have spam filters in place that will open every link located in an email before making the email available to the recipient, rendering the link obsolete and resulting in the recipient constantly seeing an expired link.

You can modify the security level of the Access Pass from a One time click to a Time based token, giving your recipient the opportunity to review their documents for up to a week after receiving the email.

To modify the settings you must be an administrator:

  1. Head to https://my.pima.app/settings
  2. Look for Access Passes
  3. Update the configuration to your liking
  4. Click on Save Changes