Bind an agreement with a document

With Pima, you can bind agreements with documents for additional protection, or have standalone agreements such as BAAs (HIPAA), DPAs (GDPR), or a standalone NDA.

After uploading your first agreement, you may decide that you'd like to protect a document with an agreement. For example, you can decide that a SOC2 report can be made available automatically after an NDA is signed.

Find the document you'd like to bind with an agreement

  1. Click on Documents
  2. Find the document you'd like to bind and click on Edit Details
  3. Select Publicly list document on Request Center. This will make the document available for requests by your customers.
  4. Select Requirements agreements to be signed befoe sending a watermarked copy
  5. Select the agreement(s) that you would like to be signed before making the document available.

What this action does

When this feature is enabled, requesters will will be able to see the title of the document and choose to receive this document when submitting a request. The agreement will only become available to the request after they have signed the agreement, protecting your documents.