Frequently Asked Questions

Can an envelope be assigned to a different signer after I send it?

Absolutely. When a recipient opens an envelope with an Agreement to be signed, they will be given the opportunity to reassign the envelope to somebody within the same email domain as theirs.


What is a considered a “share”?

A share is any Document or Agreement sent to a recipient in an envelope. For example if you send out a Compliance document such as a SOC 2 report and bind it with a Non-Disclosure Agreement in an envelope, Pima will substract one share for the Document and one share for the Agreement and 2 shares will be substracted from your total amount of shares.


Can I delete an envelope?

You may delete an envelope only if it contains an Agreement and if the recipient has not yet signed the agreement.

To proceed with deleting an envelope, click on the Details link from the Company view, and then on Delete Envelope.