How do shares work?

What is a considered a “share”?

A share is any Document or Agreement sent to a recipient in an envelope. For example if you send out a Compliance document such as a SOC 2 report and bind it with a Non-Disclosure Agreement in an envelope, Pima will subtract one share for the Document and one share for the Agreement.


Share cycle

The share cycle begins the day you buy a paid plan on Pima. If you used some or all of your free shares in the past, your spent shares will reset to zero after you upgrade to a paid plan.

You can find your share cycle by going to your Billing page.


When will my counter reset?

Your counter will reset after your cycle is over, 12 months after your first purchase of a paid plan. Upgrading plans will allow you to keep sharing documents but will not reset your counter back to zero.

Plan auto upgrade.

If you are running out of shares, you will be automatically upgraded to the next plan over. This helps prevent service disruptions for customers using the Request Centers.

This feature can not currently be turned off.

What if I need more shares but do not feel like the next plan over fits my need?

Please reach out to sales@pima.app so we can discuss the possibility of creating a custom plan that would fit your needs better.