Embedded Request Form - iframe

Steps to embed your Pima request form on your websote

  1. Get Request Center URL:
  2. 📚
    Request Center URL
  3. Embed following iframe on your website.
  4. Note that appending "?iframe=1" to the URL is mandatory (see section #3 for more info).

    	src="[YOUR REQUEST CENTER URL]?iframe=1&remove_branding=1&remove_logo=1&custom_font=Be%20Vietnam%20Pro" 

  5. Iframe options are:
    • iframe Boolean: This is a mandatory parameter that will let us know that you are embedding your Pima form. Without it our system will block the embed. Value must be set to: 1
    • remove_branding Boolean: Remove Pima branding under the form. Default: 0
    • remove_logo Boolean: Remove Company logo above the form. Default: 0
    • custom_font String: Applies Google Font to form. Default: Nunito Sans

Form will be displayed as such