Plan: Free and above


The Package feature allows admins to bundle Envelopes together, allowing users to send many documents at once in a standardized way. By using Packages, your team can quickly send out the right Documents without having to worry about configurations.


Packages can also be protected by restricting access to certain 👥Groups.

To create a Package

  1. Go to the Package tab.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Input a Package name and description.
  4. Click on Add Envelope and follow the flow.

To share a Package

  1. Go to the Companies tab.
  2. Select a Company.
  3. Click on Send.
  4. Click on Send a Package.
  5. Follow the rest of the flow.

To automatically approve a package

Pima offers the option to automatically approve a package when it’s requested. This gives you the ability to protect Documents with Agreements, and skip the Requests tab entirely.

To set up a Package to be automatically approved:

  1. Go to the Package tab
  2. Click on the Package you want to automatically approve.
  3. Click on Automatically send this package when it’s requested.